Green Illusions

Green Illusions is an environmental justice book that initiates a critique of clean energy, arguing that concerned citizens should instead focus on walkable communities, improved consumption, governance, and most notably, women’s rights. Learn about the unseen harms of solar cells. Uncover why future environmentalists will resist electric cars and hybrids. And, learn what future environmentalists are studying in college today.

“Impossible to dismiss…renewable energy only makes sense if undertaken in concert with other, more fundamental changes in the way we deploy and make use of energy.”

—Huffington Post, Tom Zeller Jr.

“Zehner is a delightful apostate in the church of green energy.”

—Slate, Sarah Rothbard

“Zehner argues that electric vehicles are more symbolism and marketing than environmental and fossil-fuel saviors.”

—WIRED, Doug Newcomb

“An extremely important message for a society whose best-intentioned members have lost themselves in a wilderness of wishful thinking.”

—James Howard Kunstler, Author of The Long Emergency and other books

“At once prophetic and pragmatic — must be read by anyone concerned about our collective future.”

—Joel Bakan, Filmmaker and author of The Corporation